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    Change Your Plastic World

    As I watch the rain from my office, the field next door slowly fills up. The vineyards act as a retention pond and somehow it all kind of works out. The vines stay dormant during winter, and when spring and summer arrives, they continue to grow. There is a sort of balance in the ecological cycle. When nature is left alone, most of the time things equalize and figure things out. Unfortunately, man gets involved, many times we throw things off balance. A subject near and dear to my heart is all the plastic in the world today and how it has taken over the headlines. The plastic island the size…

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    Four Ways To Learn For Life

    Learn For Life

    According to Leonard De Vinci, “Learning never exhausts the mind”.  I can truly attest to this quote. Throughout my life, as I embark on a new adventure by taking a new class, getting a new certificate, or just reading a new book, I become excited about life. My passion increase and I am totally energized. My work becomes inspiring to me and my motivation level goes through the roof. I believe if we learn for life and become a lifelong learner, we carry with us vitality and exuberance which attracts success to all aspects of our lives. Growing up in a small family and moving every two years through my…