Taking Full Responsibility Creates Growth
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Taking Full Responsibility Creates Growth

Taking Responsibility Will Create GrowthFrom a young age, I learned to be pretty self sufficient. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I had to learn to cook in the third grade. My brother and sister came along right around then, so I started watching them. I didn’t always want to be in charge, but it just happened. If anything went wrong, I took full responsibility and dealt with consequences and noticed it began to create growth in my life.

During my college years, I became president of the Civil Engineering honor society and created many fun and new activities. Even then, I didn’t really look at myself as a leader or really leadership material. But, at some point in my life, I came to the realization that I was a leader and I decided to start taking full responsibility for everything that occurred as part of my life experience. What a difference this made in everything I said and did!

Once I attained my first professional position, I began to really understand what it meant to take full responsibility. One of my duties as a Civil Engineer was to check improvement plans for construction drawings. I followed a list and made sure everything was done to code. If any part of the plans were not properly reviewed, the contractor would build the project incorrect. My name and signature became a legal and binding seal. My sphere of influence was growing, although I really didn’t want to step into the role, I began to believe I was a leader and that is when I began to grow into my role of leader.

Family Life Creates Leaders

When my husband and I began having children, we were blessed with a set of twins when our oldest was 3 years old. We quickly had to create rules and procedures or we were going to be overtaken, we were outnumbered. Systems and lists were created and for some of the time, we followed them. My leadership skills grew as our family grew and we decided to homeschool. Chore lists and weekly menus became a part of the refrigerator, as I taught the kids to do their own laundary and complete their designated chores. Again, when I took full responsibility, growth in the family was created.

Now, my grown kids are all very responsible and have amazing careers. They all know how to clean and cook and have become amazing leaders in their own rite. Two of our kids bought houses at the age 25 and 26 and the others see the value of saving and bugeting for what they want. We have watched each of them take full responsibilty in their lives, which in turn created incredible growth.

Growth Continues As Leadership Continues

I’d like to share an excerpt from an article titled “Take Full Responsibility for Your Situation to Grow Exponentially”.

“Taking responsibility for your part of your situations can help you take charge of your life. When you’re able to look at your life and take a look at your role in it, you can realize your power to overcome. Begin by getting curious about the situation. For example, if you were fired from your job, you might ask, “Was there anything I could have done differently?” or “What can I learn from this to help me in my next job?”
Remember to have a totally non-judgmental attitude. If you’re criticizing yourself, you’re not taking responsibility but, instead, digging yourself further into the challenge. You don’t have to think that everything is your fault. Most of the time, it isn’t. However, it will strengthen your resilience to take an honest look at your part in your circumstance.”

In my life, my leadership role continues to grow. Currently, I am a leader in 3 or 4 organizations at any given time, included being a chair person for the programs at my Rotary Club. I lead my daughter as she works for me in my business. It is wonderful to see her grow in her confidence and ability, as she follows my lead. Taking responsibility isn’t always easy or comfortable, but it is necessary to create growth in your business or personal life.

Action Steps: Are you someone who takes responsibility in your life? How does your attitude regarding responsibility show up in your day-to-day experiences, interactions, and results? In which areas of your life do you need to work on this?

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