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    Taking Full Responsibility Creates Growth

    Taking Full Responsibility Creates Growth

    From a young age, I learned to be pretty self sufficient. My parents divorced when I was 6 and I had to learn to cook in the third grade. My brother and sister came along right around then, so I started watching them. I didn’t always want to be in charge, but it just happened. If anything went wrong, I took full responsibility and dealt with consequences and noticed it began to create growth in my life. During my college years, I became president of the Civil Engineering honor society and created many fun and new activities. Even then, I didn’t really look at myself as a leader or really…

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    Spotlight Your Team

    It is a glorious thing to be in the spotlight when things are going well. As a leader and a performer, I have enjoyed this wonderful feeling. However, it is even more glorious to share the spotlight with someone you have been teaching and training. Being a good leader is not only being able to be in the spotlight, but also being able to be in the shadows, allowing others to spotlight your team, as they enjoy the fruit of acknowledgement of their hard work. By the age of 5, I enjoyed playing the piano. My earliest memory of performing for others, came with the final harsh request of, “Get…

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    Discover the Leader Within You

    The question of the ages is whether you’re born a leader or if you can become a leader with the right training. The quick and true answer is that the skills needed for good leadership are borne from education, experience, and access to information, along with a willingness to improve. If that describes you, you can discover the leader within you. Personally, I never thought of myself as a leader until I began having children and homeschooling. In 1999, I remember the day I decided to pull my kids out of the local school and bring them home. Without any training, I became their teacher, music director, referee and school…